Benedetto Cavalieri - Capellini d'Angelo Pasta, 17.6oz

Benedetto Cavalieri - Capellini d'Angelo Pasta, 17.6oz


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Benedetto Cavalieri Capellini d'Angelo is a fine angel hair pasta, which is similar in shape to spaghetti but thinner, made with durum wheat semolina from Southern Italy.

The durum wheat used to make Benedetto Cavalieri pastas are grown on the hills of southern Italy without the use of chemical fertilizers. The dough has been kneaded and molded by a special bronze alloy to create its delicate shape. It is then dried at low temperature for about 40 hours to preserve the nutritional value of the durum wheat.

While industrial pasta tends to appear more golden and smooth, artisanal pasta is rougher in texture and coated with leftover starch. This makes the pasta easier for sauce to cling onto and gives it a much richer taste.

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